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A journal of my course progress and solutions in Free Code Camp’s Full Stack Web Development Certification.

Self Learning:

I am currently using my freeCodeCamp Profile Api (unofficial) as a way to track my progress through Free Code Camp‘s Full Stack Web Development Certification. This allows me to update in realtime my actual progress of my work including live links to my code solutions. As Free Code Camp’s curriculum changes, you will find that there may be slight differences as the challenges and solutions posted here as I update or complete them.

If you would like to contribute, I am happy to accept any pull requests that isn’t my own code, such as better explanations or good external resources.


  • Code solutions here are my own (Tony Ko @tkodev_), built with guidance from Free Code Camp‘s curriculum.

Table Of Contents:

  • The following table of contents is generated dynamically using my profile scraping API! See the project page on my Portfolio and also on GitHub.
  • Course Sections are organized as folders, with Chapters in individual markdown .md files within for easy reading.
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