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01 - Front End Development Certification


09 - Intermediate Front End Development Projects


03 - Use the Twitchtv JSON API

Student Project - Free Code Camp

Build an app that is functionally similar to this:

Project Criteria:

  • User Story: I can see whether Free Code Camp is currently streaming on
  • User Story: I can click the status output and be sent directly to the Free Code Camp’s channel.
  • User Story: if a Twitch user is currently streaming, I can see additional details about what they are streaming.
  • User Story: I will see a placeholder notification if a streamer has closed their Twitch account (or the account never existed). You can verify this works by adding brunofin and comster404 to your array of Twitch streamers.
  • UPDATE: Due to a change in conditions on API usage explained here now requires an API key, but we’ve built a workaround. Use instead of twitch’s API base URL (i.e. ) and you’ll still be able to get account information, without needing to sign up for an API key.