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Personal Project

A simple Hugo theme based on the Foundation 6 blog (w/ sidebar) example, with scss & js gulp build scripts.


  • Responsive design.
  • Basic OpenGraph and Twitter Card metadata support.
  • robots.txt linking to XML sitemap (disabled by default, see Hugo docs).
  • Basic support for multi-lingual content (added in Hugo 0.17).
  • Supports Google, Bing, and Yandex site verification via meta tags.
  • Supports Google Analytics (async version), see Hugo docs.
  • Supports Disqus comments, see Hugo docs.
  • Can show a message about cookie usage to the user, see exampleSite/config.toml.
  • Allow addition of custom <head> code in site’s layouts/partial/head-custom.html (see #17).


Clone the repository to your site’s themes directory. Refer to exampleSite/config.toml for optional configuration values. A few suggestions to help you get a good looking site quickly:

  • Keep blog posts in the content/post directory, for example: content/post/
  • Keep static pages in the content directory, for example: content/
  • Keep media like images in the static directory, for example: static/2016/10/screenshot.png.
  • If you want an image to be shown when you share a post on social media, specify at least one image in the post’s front matter, for example: images: ["/2016/10/screenshot.png"].
  • Use the <!--more--> tag in posts to control how much of a post is shown on summary pages.

Building, for developers: (Optional)

This theme uses gulp build scripts modified from Foundation Zurb Template. OS must have node and bower installed.

Command Description
Install: Run from /scripts directory to download all dependencies.
npm install Installs node dependencies.
bower install Installs bower dependencies.
Build Tasks: Choose one to build from scss / js files in /source to /static.
npm run build:debug Build human readable debug files.
npm run build:prod Build minified, sourcemapped files.
npm run build:css Builds debug css only.
npm run build:js Builds debug js only.
Hugo Tasks: Theme must be installed in a working or fresh hugo installation.
npm run build:hugo Builds debug css / js, deletes /public, builds /public, lint /public.
npm run server Builds debug css / js, deletes /public, runs hugo server, start css / js / lint watch task.


There are several ways to help with the development of the theme:

  • Open an issue on GitHub if you have problems or feature requests.
  • Alternatively, tackle one of the existing issues on the issue tracker.
  • Fork the repository on GitHub, add features on a “feature” branch like update-bootstrap, and then send a pull request with your changes.


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