1900s Queen St Modernization

revit architecture model


Environmental Design


ENVR1B02 - Environmental Design 2


02 - Work Live Space

Student Project - OCAD

The western end of Queen St (sometimes simply referred to as “Queen West“) is now best known as a centre for Canadian broadcasting, music, fashion, performance, and the visual arts. Over the past twenty-five years, gentrification and other facts has caused Queen West to become an international arts centre, and a major tourist attraction in Toronto.

Project Criteria:

  • Conversion of a two story early 1900’s brick building to a retail / residential reflective of fictional interior designer & sculpture collector.
  • Design is cohesive, purposeful, and justifiable
  • Both exhibit creativity in their own aspect
  • Both areas should communicate its existence beyond its scope (work to life, vice versa)

Project Views:

  • Axonometric Render (various views)