Mood Light Modulator

model industrial design


Environmental Design


ENVR1B02 - Environmental Design 2


01 - Light

Student Project - OCAD

A light modulator is an object that interferes with and distorts a beam of light. Often light sources are sharp and harsh on the eyes therefore requiring a well considered and designed casing to be most effective. There are numerous variables to consider when designing a successful light modulator. Some of these factors are location, task, user group, light source, light configuration, surrounding light sources, surrounding materiality, energy source, accessibility and aesthetic qualities.

Project Criteria:

  • Safe and structurally sound light modulator.
  • Inspired and driven conceptually by abstract concept: “mysterious”.
  • Derives formal implications from concept.
  • Concept manifestation in shape, material, light quality, texture, colour, size and fabrication.
  • LED light source.